Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana, Punjab

Hymenoplasty, also known as revirgination surgery, is a technique to restore the hymen. In this surgery, the female hymen is joined together to form a new hymen. Since the hymen is a sign of virginity, this surgery is called resuscitation. Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana,Punjab is a safe painless daycare procedure. Hymenoplasty surgery in Ludhiana,Punjab can now be done at a reasonable cost.

Hymenoplasty surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab is usually a straightforward outpatient surgery which can be done in our clinic under local anaesthetic. Any damaged skin around the margin of the hymen is carefully and properly cut off. While the rest of the tissue is sewn together, leaving a small hole. The hymenal ring returns to its original shape and form. Consult our surgeons for hymenoplasty online appointment Ludhiana. We have the best Surgeon of Hymenoplasty in Punjab who provides advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatments.

The necessity of doing Hymenoplasty surgery:

With hymenoplasty, you can enjoy the pleasure of the first intercourse again actually when you have sex for the first time because the lining of the hymen is torn. So the virgin gets a little loose. So, you don't feel the same satisfaction the second time around. So by doing this surgery you can get back the same satisfaction again.

Is there any risk involved?:

This is the best part of the Hymenoplasty surgery. Of no risk is involved. You will not face any kind of adverse side effects like allergies, infections etc. Therefore, you can absolutely feel free to do any of these surgeries. In fact hymenoplasty surgery can be done in reputed clinics and hospitals in Ludhiana Punjab. So, proper and safe treatment can be guaranteed. You can get both Hymenoplasty surgery done at a reasonable cost. Hymenoplasty surgery in Ludhiana Punjab can now be done quite easily and within a reasonable cost. If you want to do surgery of hymenoplasty in Ludhiana, Punjab. Consult our surgeons for hymenoplasty in Punjab.

What is Hymenoplasty?

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Hymenoplasty, also known as hymenorrhaphy or hymen restoration surgery or revirginasation is a procedure to restore, repair or reconstruct women's hymen, which is a thin membrane which partially covers the opening to the vagina, to a pre-sexual state. This thin membrane normally tears during the first time a woman has sexual intercouse and it also results in little amount of bleeding too.

In Hymenoplasty procedure, surgeon create a new/restores existing hymen and there are no visible traces that the person has got the procedure done. As it is a day care procedure, normally done under local anaesthesia and takes around 30 minutes, the patient can go back after 2-3 hours.

Dissolvable sutures are used which gets dissolved automatically and there is no requirement for any follow-up for suture removal. It is completely safe procedure when done by a qualified surgeon.

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Does hymenoplasty restore virginity?

Hymenoplasty is also known as hymen repair surgery and involves utmost precision. The procedure aims to reconstruct the skin membrane, known as hymen, located in the lower part of the vagina. This fibrous and elastic tissue is usually torn when a women has her first intercourse, however, it can also break after a physical accident, sudden movements, and also use of tampons. A tear in hymen signifies loss of virginity. During the hymenoplasty procedure in Punjab, the torn edges are stitched together with dissolvable stitches. It thus helps to restore virginity.

Is hymenoplasty surgery painful?

Being performed under local anesthesia, hymenoplasty surgery is almost pain-free. Your best cosmetic surgeon in Amritsar will numb the vaginal site before operating which makes the procedure painless.

However, as with any surgery, when the effects of anesthesia wears off and body gains consciousness, a slight pull or burning sensation might be felt in the vaginal area. This is completely normal and generally subsides within a few hours after the surgery. You should take the painkillers as prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon. With rest and time, the patient will find herself completely recovered over a period of 5 to 6 days.

How much does hymenoplasty cost?

The cost of hymenoplasty in Amritsar, Punjab depends upon the reputation of clinic and expertise of cosmetic surgeon. If you are contemplating getting the procedure done, you should narrow down the best hymenoplasty clinics in Punjab and make your selection carefully. The success of the procedure and results largely depend on your choice of clinic and cosmetic surgery.

Does hymenoplasty make you tighter?

To a certain extent, best hymenoplasty in Amritsar, Punjab can make you tighter. If you feel you have a loose vagina, you should seek a consultation for vaginoplasty, which is a different procedure that will be performed keeping in mind your vaginal laxity.

Is hymenoplasty surgery safe?

Hymenoplasty is an safe procedure with no long term side effects. Being performed under anesthesia, the procedure involves no pain during and after the procedure. Like any other surgery, the procedure carries a small risk of bruising, infection, sensitivity trouble, all of which is temporary.

How to care after hymenoplasty?

You can expect slight pain after the hymenoplasty procedure, however, normal activities can be resumed within 48 hours. It is important that during these 48 hours, the patient must rest. The stitches are dissolvable so later removal isn’t required. Complete healing may take up to three months. Sexual intercourse should be avoided until complete healing takes place.

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