Labia Reshaping Surgery

Female external genitalia collectively is known as “vulva”. It comprises of labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, urethra, and vagina. Aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, childbirth and genetics may lead to excess labial skin making it look aesthetically displeasing. It may also interfere with sexual activities and cause patient some physical discomfort while wearing bathing suits or tight clothing. Labiaplasty, also known as labial reduction or labia minora reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is aimed at changing the shape of labia minor and labia majora, which are the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva.

Labiaplasty in Ludhiana at Refine Aesthetic Clinic reshapes and repairs the labial skin and gives you new external genitalia to explore. The reshaping and reconstruction of labial skin at the best plastic surgery clinic in Ludhiana gives your sex life a new lease of life.

Who is the ideal candidate for labiaplasty?

If the elongated or sagging labial skin is leading or aesthetic or functional problems for you, the procedure might be helpful. Labiaplasty procedure is not recommended for patients seeking treatment for inability to achieve orgasm or with low libido.

Women who have suffered damage to the labia or want the labial skin to be modified for better aesthetics can go for Labiaplasty in Ludhiana. Usually, women can go for labial reconstruction after they are adults and have an active sex life.

Labia Minora Reduction

Labia Majora Reduction

How long does it take to recover after labiaplasty procedure?

Light activity and work can be resumed a week after the labiaplasty procedure. Discharge and spotting maybe present for a few days. Patients can resume exercising after 4 weeks and sexual activity can be resumed after six weeks. The patient has to give the vaginal area complete rest during her recovery period and be careful about intense physical movements.

What are the side effects associated with labiaplasty in Ludhiana?

Like any other cosmetic gynecology procedure, labiaplasty can cause possible side effects like vaginal discharge, tenderness, redness, infection, and swelling.

However, at Refine Aesthetic Clinic, we take care of our patients so that they go through with surgery and recovery without any hassle. We have a Satisfied clientele with 5-star reviews on googleand have a spotless reputation in the sector.

How long does it take for results of labiaplasty to be visible?

The results of labiaplasty in Ludhiana Punjabare visible immediately after the procedure and they are permanent postoperatively. However, these results can be affected by pregnancy, childbirth, fluctuations in weight, as well as aging. How well the patient recovers and how well the care is taken during recovery affects the results of Labiaplasty.

What are the reasons for wanting labiaplasty in Ludhiana?

Physical and Medical Reasons
In some of the patients the size of labia minor is bulky, thus labiaplasty in Punjab is desired to reduce the size so that it does not protrude beyond the edges of labia majora. Some of the drawbacks of having a bulky labia minor is that the tissue can get twisted, turned, tugged or can even get pinched causing discomfort during physical exercise as well as intercourse.
Excess labia minora makes cleansing cumbersome and can also harbor bacteria which often leads to urinary tract infections.

Cosmetic and Emotional Reasons
To improve the confidence and comfort about the appearance of genitalia.
For sexual well being.
To get rid of camel toe, lines, bulges while wearing body-fit leggings or pants. If there is excess labia tissue, tight fitting clothing can cause discomfort. Removal of the same can leads to a boost a confidence while wearing your desired clothing.
In order to restore more youthful look after the effects of aging and childbirth.
To reduce the asymmetry of the labia minora as well as labia majora.

What are the reasons behind an oversized labia?

Pregnancy and Childbirth.
Changes in weight.

What is the cost of labiaplasty in Ludhiana?

The actual cost of the procedure largely varies based on the patient and condition of labia. There is no fixed fit-to-all cost outlined for the procedure. An initial consultation is helpful in seeking an idea about the realistic outcomes and related costs of the procedure.

The cost of Labiaplasty in Ludhiana, Amritsar, or Chandigarh fluctuates from the lower range of 33 000 rupees to somewhere around 60,000 rupees. With complications, you might have to pay somewhere near 90,000 rupees to the clinic. However, at Refine Aesthetic clinic, we ensure that the complications are avoided. Therefore, Refine Aesthetic clinic is the best plastic surgery clinic to have Labiaplasty in Ludhiana.

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Female Plastic Surgeon for Labiaplasty in Ludhiana- Dr. Prerna Mittal

If you are on the look to seek a consultation to know more about how you can benefit from Labiaplasty in Punjab, you can reach out to us at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana. Headed by Dr. Prerna Mittal, we will firstly discuss and explain details of labiaplasty procedure in Ludhiana including where the incisions will be made and what to expect in terms of results after the procedure.

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Dr. Prerna Mittal - Refine Clinic for Cosmetic Gynecology in Ludhiana

If you wish to go for labial reconstruction and reduction, DrPrerna Mittal is the right doctor to go to. Dr. Prerna Mittal is the best female plastic surgeon in Punjab and can guide you towards vulva renewal and reconstruction.